Just A Little Update

To get straight to the point before rattling on for god knows how long, things are changing around here, again. I’m no longer going to be able to stick to a blogging schedule, as much as I want to, and believe me I do, I just don’t have the time to anymore. I will still be blogging, but I just don’t know how often.

Last week I knew I needed to get a post up for today so I managed to find a bit of time to sit down to write, but I couldn’t put a single sentence together.  It’s not like I don’t have things to write either, I have a huge list of things I want to write about but I don’t know if it’s just down to the fact that I felt like I needed to hurry up and get a post done or because I had so many other things I really needed to do that were nagging at the back of my mind, but I just couldn’t do it and I got myself in to a right mess stressing about it. I’ve since talked it over with quite a few people, to get it off my shoulders a bit, and realised that if I let you all know how busy I am, and that I can’t stick to the schedule anymore, I’d probably feel a lot less stressed about and I’d probably be able to write again, just when I want to rather than when I need to.

Just sitting down to write this post feels like a whole weights been lifted to be honest. I really, really don’t want my blog to feel like that though. I’ve never not enjoyed writing on here before and all of a sudden it just felt like a task, something I needed to do rather than wanted and I can’t keep that up. I want to love my blog just as much as I used to so that it will be my little escape again. Like a break. To help with that I’ve also decided to delete my Facebook for my blog, just because that was also niggling at the back of my mind, I always felt like I had to keep on top of it and I really didn’t enjoy doing it. Same with Twitter, although I won’t be deleting my Twitter, I just won’t be using it at all anymore, other than for the scheduled posts, which I don’t have to do myself. I mean I didn’t really use it anymore anyway so it doesn’t make much difference but I feel better if you know about it. I will be keeping my Instagram though. Only to share when I new post has gone live though because I’ve also kinda’ fallen out of love with that account too. I spend way more time over on the shop Instagram now (@jessjadedesigns) so attempting to properly run two would just stress me out even more. So again, knowing that you know I won’t be using it much is just another weight off my shoulders really.

That’s about it really. I’ll still be here of course and posting as often as I can and hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of it soon! If you do want to keep up to date with me more easily, I’ll most likely be over on @jessjadedesigns working on the shop! I hope this is okay with everyone, I know I’m probably really over thinking it but I just love this blog so much haha.

Thank you all for being super supportive xxxx

7 thoughts on “Just A Little Update

  1. Taking a step back is exactly what bloggers need sometimes. You should never feel pressured and like you have to stick to a schedule, it’s not fair to expect so much of ourselves when we would never pressure our loved ones and close friends. We’ll still be here when you do post x


    1. Aw Chanelle thank you so much! I needed a good shake really to realise that I think, this last month or so has been crazy and I’ve been stressing about it so much. I feel loads better now and I’m actually writing a new post now! xxx


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