Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation

Not long ago Rimmel released a new foundation that’s created to let your skin breath. This sounded extremely appealing to me, even though I’m  used to using full coverage foundations. Because it is designed to leave you with a shine free finish and not clog pores, I just had to try it out for myself and see…… Continue reading Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation


The Benefit of using Multiple Mascaras

If you saw my Mascara Cocktail post a couple of months back you might be wondering why on earth I often use 4 mascaras together. I didn’t really go into much detail of why I sometimes do, or the benefits I gain from it, or why it doesn’t look overdramatic or clumpy, so I thought I’d share…… Continue reading The Benefit of using Multiple Mascaras


30 Autumn Inspired Blog Post Ideas

I really enjoy sharing a few simple ideas with you, to maybe spark a bit of inspiration, for you to then turn into something amazing. So, just like last season, when I shared 30 Summer Inspired Ideas I’ve shared 30 Autumn inspired blog post ideas because I know how it feels to get the dreaded writer’s block…… Continue reading 30 Autumn Inspired Blog Post Ideas